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We just dropped Alpha 0.7 today! Change log:

  • NEW FEATURE – When pinning GMail or Outlook you now have the option to “Pin Special” or “Pin Another”… this option allows you to pin a specific account to your home screen.  You can use this option to pin multiple Outlook or GMail icons for your various mail accounts (bringing one of my most loved features of Windows Phone to Android)! In this build you need to specify the name of the account for GMail (the name that shows up in the account selection list in GMail) and the email address for Outlook.
  • CHANGE – We have modified the distribution to support version 5.x of Android
  • FIXED – Fixed a bug that would cause the launcher to crash when switching between 3 or 4 tiles in the settings section and then trying to pin an app to the home screen.
  • FIXED – Some phone tile notifications that had expired were causing the phone app tile to just refresh and clear the update on it rather an launch the phone app.  We have changed the phone app to not show those notifications in the first place.
  • FIXED – When *throwing* a tile off your home screen to the right the app list wouldn’t correctly allow you to re-pin the app
  • FIXED – Fixed a bug that was causing GMail notifications to not show on a pinned Gmail tile
  • FIXED – Changed some apps to not show background images (mainly GMail) so we could avoid showing the circle icon with a users initials in it behind the tile.
  • FIXED – Changing wallpaper settings now correctly updates the UI when leaving settings.
  • FIXED – Changing colors of tiles and fonts in settings now says to click on the color to select/use it.
  • FIXED – Web tiles now correctly link to the current story on the tile rather than just to the website.
  • FIXED – All permission prompts should be in the initial startup now.

Known Issues in this build:

  • There are still no tile animations in this build… we will be adding those towards the end of the ALPHA/BETA testing phases.
  • Currently we only support a single tile size.  We are looking at options for having different tiles sizes… this might not make it into our initial release.
  • Tile Swapping / Inserting on drag and drop still needs to be looking at… might change the way the tiles switch places.
  • There are no wallpapers in this build… we are working on a set to release with the build… that way you can turn on wallpaper rotation without first prepping your RevoWalls folder.
  • Web Tile update framework still needs some work.

Let us know if you are testing and run into any issues!